Do cultural details: specific to the "Rules" as the representative of the traditional Chinese culture probation staff, and thus establish a correct outlook on life and values, to learn hard to live, to work hard to achieve physical and mental harmony, family harmony, harmonious enterprise. Meanwhile, the company in accordance with the general requirements of corporate culture from their own reality, to pour heart, set of intellectual, cohesion "Trinity" advanced cultural connotation armed workers minds, continuously push forward the building of enterprise culture, enterprise development to provide a strong spiritual power.
       Stand on the image culture: Well the company's image publicity, create a harmonious public relations. Actively support social welfare undertakings, to develop long-term cooperation program with Nanjing Red Cross, the company established to help doctors caring, Student Foundation, and guide employees to actively participate in social welfare activities. Full use of newspapers, the Internet and other mass media means, to carry out a clear theme, targeted publicity and public relations activities in an effort to improve staff cultural awareness, establish a good corporate public image and create a harmonious public relations.
       Significant cultural action: the company adhere to the "honest from the good and harmonious development," the core concept of development, promoting "innovation, performance, harmony, responsibility," the corporate culture, the implementation of "generous others, diligence and tolerance, relaxed environment" and "traditional, decide the future vision; to do in the moment, the details of the success "of the Code of Conduct, formed in harmony with nature, and social harmony, harmony and competitors, and employees and harmonious cultural atmosphere, Kazuo for promoting the healthy development of important soft power. At the same time, the company will be through a combination of trade union activities, branch activities jointly undertaken concerted efforts to form a party and government work together to build a strong, take lectures, seminars, exhibition, sports, essay, climbing competitions, public service and other activities both colorful and warm the heart, inspire the people, so as to further foster the spirit of employee dedication and social responsibility.